We strive to change all our menus are often as we can so these are for illustration purposes only. For the most up to date menus please contact: info@myamaretto.com

Amaretto Bridge of Weir



Toasted italian bread £1.50

With butter, jam, honey or nutella

Toasted brioche or italian bread £2.25

With your choice of filling:
Italian sausage | smoked bacon | pancetta | Fried portobello mushroom | black pudding | Potato scone | italian egg (fried or scrambled)
double up for an extra £1

BREAKFAST Scozzese £7.95

Grilled portobello mushroom & plum tomato, spicy italian sausage, smoked bacon, black pudding and potato scone with your choice of poached, fried or scrambled italian egg. Served with toasted italian bread & butter.

frittata della casa £5.95

Italian style omelette with the following fillings:
salsiccia e funghi {gf}
Italian sausage & portobello mushroom.
Francese {gf}
smoked bacon & brie.

Eggs benedict £7.95

Toasted brioche,with crispy parma ham, poached italian egg, grilled asparagus & hollandaise sauce.

Muesli £2.50

Granola with greek yoghurt, fresh mixed berry coulis, sliced banana & italian honey.

Crespelle della casa £6.95

Choose a filling:
Raspberries, nutella and whipped cream.
Spinach, portobello mushroom and scrambled eggs
Italian cooked ham, cheese, sautéed onion, spinach and topped with a fried egg



On homemade toasted bread

Toasted bread £1.25

With butter, jam, honey or nutella

Filled toasted mini brioche £1.50

With your choice of one filling: italian sausage, smoked bacon, fried portobello mushroom, pancetta, black pudding, potato scone, italian egg (fried or scrambled).
Double up for an extra £1

Homemade mini crespelle £2.50

With nutella, seasonal berries and whipped cream