We strive to change all our menus are often as we can so these are for illustration purposes only. For the most up to date menus please contact: info@myamaretto.com

Amaretto Bridge of Weir



Filled Rolls {gf bread available} £2.50

Toasted Italian Sourdough, Brioche Or Ciabatta Stuffed With A Choice Of:
Lorne Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Italian Egg (Any Way), Potato Scone, Portobello Mushroom Or Stornoway Black Pudding.
Double up for an extra £1

Scottish Italian Full Breakfast £9

Sicillian Sausage (Square Sausage Available), Smoked Bacon, Stornoway Black Pudding, Potato Scone, Roast Portobello, Grilled Tomato, Italian Egg & Toasted Sourdough.

Smoothie {v, gf} £3

Verde: - Natural Yogurt, Green Apple, Spinach, Cucumber & Honey
Caffe: - Italian Espresso, Oat Milk, Toasted Oats, Banana & Chocolate.

Croque Monsieur £8

Toasted Sourdough Filled With Italian Cooked Ham, Dijon Mustard & Mozzarella Topped With A Parmesan Besciamella.

Timbale Di Colazione {gf available upon request} £9

Toasted Ciabatta Topped With Stornoway Black Pudding Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Plum Tomato, Fried Italian Egg & Pesto Hollandaise.

Benedict Francese £7

Toasted Brioche Topped With Baked Brie, Poached Italian Egg & Spinach Hollandaise.

Crostini Chorizo {gf available upon request} £8

Toasted Sourdough With Scrambled Italian Egg, Fresh Chilli, Sauteed Chorizo & Parmesan Flakes.

Eggs Benedict Tartufo {gf available upon request} £9

Toasted Brioche, Cooked Ham, Poached Italian Egg, Crispy Parma Ham & Truffle Hollandaise.

Crostini Lyonaisse £8

Toasted Sourdough, Fried Italian Egg, Frisėe, Dolcelatte Cream & Grilled Bacon.



On toasted sourdough