We strive to change all our menus are often as we can so these are for illustration purposes only. For the most up to date menus please contact: info@myamaretto.com

Amaretto Bridge of Weir



Baked garlic & fresh rosemary mini focaccia sticks {v}

Mini calzone stuffed with crumbled italian sausage, roasted mixed pepper and mozzarella

Italian cooked ham, tomato sugo & mozzarella pizzette


Breaded mozzarella sticks with tomato sugo {V}

Fried vegetarian goat’s cheese, coated in almond breadcrumbs topped with caramelised onions {gf}

Piquillo pepper stuffed with a portobello mushroom besciamella {V}


Large ravioli stuffed with spinach & ricotta in a creamy tomato sauce

Penne with crumbled italian spicy sausage & tomato sugo

Linguine tossed with grilled chicken, portobello mushroom & parmesan cream sauce


A mixture of fresh calamari, dusted in flour, fried and served with tartar sauce

King prawns flash fried in garlic chilli butter. {gf}

Crispy pan fried fillet of seabass with grilled asparagus, red pepper & garlic sauce {gf}


Pan fried fillet strips cooked in a stroganoff sauce {gf}

Pork & veal meatballs baked in a spicy tomato sugo {gf}

Pan fried breaded breast of chicken, stuffed with ham & cheese

Tuscan salsiccia & chorizo bean stew.